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Al Khabaisi - Dubai, U.A.E

We provide complete management and operational services for vessels

Crew management, technical management, commercial management, and more. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that vessels operate at peak efficiency and profitability.

Services For Vessels

Vessel services encompass a range of essential offerings to support the efficient and safe operation of ships. These services include vessel chartering, allowing businesses to lease vessels for cargo or passenger transportation. Port services provide vital assistance in navigating and docking at ports, including pilotage, towage, mooring, and berthing. Ship agency services handle administrative tasks such as customs clearance and port formalities. Oversee day-to-day vessel operations, including crewing, maintenance, and compliance.

  • Marine surveying.
  • Salvage and towage.
  • Vessel maintenance and repairs.

Crew Management

comprehensive administration and coordination of the personnel working on board a ship. This vital service encompasses various aspects, including recruitment, training, scheduling, payroll, and welfare of the crew members. Play a crucial role in ensuring that the ship is adequately staffed with qualified and competent seafarers who possess the necessary skills and certifications for their respective positions. We handle the hiring process, conduct background checks, and organize training programs to ensure that the crew members are well-prepared for their duties and comply with international regulations and industry standards. Additionally, crew rotations, ensuring that seafarers are relieved and repatriated in a timely manner, while also arranging for the provision of necessary welfare amenities and support services during their time on board.